UCM student seeks help to land dream job

Written by Muleskinner Staff

Story by Nicole Cooke, Copy Editor—
Most of the time the job application process is a one-person task. For one UCM student, landing her dream job involves the whole community.
Public relations major Maggie Quinn is set to graduate this May, so the job hunt has already started. She has been scouring job postings for the perfect position to start her career. She has found that job with Vantage Credit Union as the next Young and Free St. Louis Spokester.
The application process includes writing a sample blog post with a financial theme, creating a one-minute video introduction, and sending in a resume and cover letter.
The next step in the process is voting. Twenty-five candidates were selected and now the top 10 is in the hands of the public.
Candidates now have to do whatever they can to get the most votes to reach the top 10, which gets them an interview. Quinn has been hard at work trying to get the word out about the contest in any way she can. She has used many forms of social media, including Facebook, Twitter, her WordPress blog, Vimeo, Pinterest and “ask me” on Reddit.
She has also sent out news releases to publications in Warrensburg and Fenton, Mo., her hometown. She also posted the release in as many places as possible, using her public relations knowledge from her classes.
Quinn also sent out emails to her family and friends, who forwarded the emails on to their friends. Some of her friends have also shared her Facebook posts with their followers, making the Quinn’s reach even farther.
The current vote counts aren’t public, so Quinn doesn’t know where she stands.
“I could be in the top 10 already, I could be really far behind, or I could need just a few more votes to make top 10,” she said. “I have no idea where I stand right now.”
The job, which is for one year, would put Quinn in charge of outreach for 18-25 year olds on the topic of financial education. She would work on social media outlets, attend promotional events and create videos.
It combines public relations with being in front of the camera and working with people, two things that she said she loves to do.
“This is definitely my dream job,” she said.
Even though she is skilled in many of the areas required for the position, she said she was still nervous when she posted her video to the site. She said she was also nervous when she began asking for votes.
“You’re asking someone for a favor and that’s not always easy,” she said. “But I’ve gotten such a strong reaction that it’s been motivating me to do even more. I’ve seen so many people willing to help me get my message out that it’s inspiring me to get my message to more people.”
The application process for the job is a unique one, and Quinn said she sees it as more of an audition than an application.
“You have to know how to pitch yourself, which shows that you would be able to pitch things for Vantage,” she said. “It lets the company see your communication and outreach abilities.”
Quinn said she hopes she lands the job, but the whole process will still be worth it  if she has to keep searching for that first job.
“I have learned how much incredible support I have,” Quinn said. “I’m also proud of what I was able to do. No one from UCM has applied before, so it’s a first for us. It’s a way for me to repay the support and education I’ve gotten. If I got the job, I would be able to represent the skill sets UCM grads are getting on a very public scale.”
Voting ends March 11 at 5 p.m. The top 10 will be announced March 12.
To view Quinn’s application page, visit youngfreestlouis.com.