UCM President Roger Best; Kirkpatrick award winner Chuck Ambrose; SGA past President Courtney Abt and SGA newly elected President Cole Fine pose for a photo with Ambrose and his award. (Photo by Erin Wides/Features Editor)

Written by Muleskinner Staff

In this issue, April 25 – May 2
Page 1 > News
Ambrose accepts SGA excellence award
Page 2 > News
Muleskinner honored at MCMA
Page 3 > News
Marketing professor receives Byler Award
Page 4 > Features
Comm. disorders grad student honored by MSHA
Page 6 > Features
PRISM celebrates graduation of LGBTQ+ students
Page 8 & 9 > Centerfold
Honors projects provide new opportunities
Page 10 > Opinion
‘Captain Marvel’: Good but not great
Page 11 > Opinion
Mort Garson’s last masterpiece ­— exploring “Plantasia”
Seniors showcase their art
Page 12 > Opinion
Fanfiction-turned-movie misses out on true complexity of story
Page 13 > Sports updates
Page 14 & 15 > Central Scoop