Warrensburg R-6 Computer System Hacked

Written by Garrett Fuller

Warrensburg R-6 School District is still recovering after the computer system in their central office had been compromised Jan. 9. The district’s cyber insurance company is still investigating the incident. While no personal information was taken and all files were restored, the incident raised questions regarding the security of the data.
Andy Kohl, the Warrensburg R-6 Support Services assistant superintendent, said the suspect had gained access to files located on a server that was in the process of being replaced.
Kohl said he believes that the hack was an unsuccessful attempt to hold the data at ransom rather than gather personal information. The compromise affected the old server, which contained blank forms, inventories, handbooks and the computer that controlled the Maple Grove bell system.
After discovering the breach, Kohl contacted Midwest Computech, who provides information technology services to the district. Midwest Computech found that no personal data had been taken and restored backed up data onto a new server. A report was then filed with the Warrensburg Police Department as well as their property and cyber insurance providers.
Kohl said that the district is taking multiple steps to prevent a similar incident from occurring.
“Over the last few years we have taken several steps to improve our network and physical records security,” Kohl said in an email.
He added that the district has moved physical records into a secured vault, requiring two levels of controlled access.
The district has also trained staff members in how to improve their security, identify phishing schemes and change passwords on a regular basis. The district has also worked with third-party companies with access to personal information to ensure they are also taking proper security measures. Data is now being backed up onsite and offsite regularly.