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Fans boycott HYBE music

Over the course of the last six months, people from across the world have started boycotting major companies due to the genocide towards Palestinians after the Israel-Hamas war started on Oct. 7, 2023. The most known companies being Mcdonald’s, Starbucks, Zara, Disney and so on.
But in the music world, fans have started boycotting their favorite artists. HYBE is one of the leading music companies in South Korea and America. With multiple different labels underneath HYBE and a newly announced 10-year-long agreement with Universal Music Studio, many fans are disappointed. Scooter Braun is a part of HYBE America, which includes artists such as Justin Bieber, The Kid LAROI, Lil Dicky and Tori Kelly. Braun is already known for his controversy with Taylor Swift from years back, so many people don’t like him enough already.

Many believe Braun has also shown his constant support towards Israel and has kept a neutral stance on the Isreal-Hamas war going on.

Illustration by: Elizabeth Reece

Braun has posted on instagram with the leader of Israel back in 2017 and has been posting propaganda on his instagram story
about the war going on. This has caused fans who listen to artists under HYBE to start boycotting their music, not buying tour tickets, not buying albums and not buying any merch that could be linked back to HYBE. Many fans have pleaded with people working for HYBE to get rid of Braun and any other extremis that works in the company. BTS fans have sent out electronic billboards written in Korean and English in front of the HYBE building, “Korean and International ARMY demand HYBE divests from Zionism and Zionists in the industry.”

Braun has made statements on Instagram showing his support to both sides. “‘I have been to Israel, Gaza and the West Bank. I truly believe that most people want peace but for a small minority the pain of generations has created hate and despair. If we claim we want peace let’s not be a part of that despair,’” According to The Korea Times, “Hybe addressed Braun’s speech in a statement that said, ‘It is a personal statement that is separate from company management.’”

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Having this separation from what people say online and not having it tied to the company is ridiculous. You would think that a company that is supported by so many people because of the major artists that are a part of, such as BTS or Justin Bieber, would care what the people think? Crazy thought! But since there has been no repercussions toward Braun or anyone else in the company, the boycott is going to continue until the people get what they deserve. That’s what boycotts are!

Even as the boycott has been going, obviously HYBE artists still have music releasing and music documentaries, there is no stopping that. Fans, and myself, have been finding multiple different ways to listen to their music that won’t flow back into their pocket. Google Drive and Musi are just some ways that people are listening to artists’ music under HYBE in order to follow the boycott.

Currently, BTS fans have been having petitions signed and emails sent to higher-ups in HYBE as they are going to be showing the SUGA: Road to D-DAY documentary in Israel. As found in the petition form, “The decision to screen AGUST D/SUGA’s movie in Israel is more than just a simple movie screening decision for entertainment; it symbolizes a form of endorsement and support for the genocidal and apartheid state of Israel.” At time of press, there are nearly 10,000 signatures for the petition.

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