2020-2021 Staff

Staff MemberStaff Position
Bethany SpitzmillerManaging EditorSee Bethany Spitzmiller's profile
See Bethany Spitzmiller's profile
Matthew GoldsmithNews EditorSee Matthew Goldsmith's profile
See Matthew Goldsmith's profile
Skye MelcherFeatures EditorSee Skye Melcher's profile
See Skye Melcher's profile
Nick DistefanoReporterSee Nick Distefano's profile
See Nick Distefano's profile
Anna FurneyReporterSee Anna Furney's profile
See Anna Furney's profile
Katelyn SchulerReporterSee Katelyn Schuler's profile
See Katelyn Schuler's profile
Clarissa NivensReporterSee Clarissa Nivens's profile
See Clarissa Nivens's profile
Zayin BarnesReporterSee Zayin Barnes's profile
See Zayin Barnes's profile
Meah CopelandReporterSee Meah Copeland's profile
See Meah Copeland's profile
Annelia NixonReporterSee Annelia Nixon's profile
See Annelia Nixon's profile
Brandon CannonReporterSee Brandon Cannon's profile
See Brandon Cannon's profile
Katelyn OrenDesign ChiefSee Katelyn Oren's profile
See Katelyn Oren's profile
Aria SteffanIllustratorSee Aria Steffan's profile
See Aria Steffan's profile
Estaban SaldañaIllustratorSee Estaban Saldaña's profile
See Estaban Saldaña's profile
Victoria CimermanIllustratorSee Victoria Cimerman's profile
See Victoria Cimerman's profile
Lauryn MorrowPhotographerSee Lauryn Morrow's profile
See Lauryn Morrow's profile
Carley TaylorMuleskinner Minute ManagerSee Carley Taylor's profile
See Carley Taylor's profile
Caroline SmithCamera OperatorSee Caroline Smith's profile
See Caroline Smith's profile
Tristan BarelliCamera OperatorSee Tristan Barelli's profile
See Tristan Barelli's profile
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