City prepares for snow plowing and winter weather

Written by Muleskinner Staff

(WARRENSBURG, Mo., digitalBURG) — As temperatures drop and winter weather patterns move in, the Warrensburg Public Works Department has been busy preparing for snow plowing operations to keep city streets clear.
Director Marvin Coleman said crews have a good supply of sand and salt mix.
“We’re in good shape right now. (We’re) sitting at 300 tons of salt and 1,400 tons of sand in preparation,” Coleman said.
He said the city typically uses an average of 800 tons of salt and 1,200 tons of sand during the winter months. Last year, the city spent about $80,000 on snow and ice removal.
As for storing the road-clearing supplies, the city is scheduled to begin bidding for construction of an enclosed salt dome in January. Project manager Peggy Hostetler said the city’s salt supply is currently located at 448 N. Water St. in an open shed. The salt dome project will create a space less exposed to the environment, and Coleman said construction is expected for the spring of 2015.
Although public works crews clear city streets, they are not responsible for clearing sidewalks. Coleman said he encourages residents and business owners to clean their sidewalks so people don’t have to walk in the street.
“I feel some residents have gotten lax about cleaning their sidewalks and making them safe for walkers,” he said.
Coleman said the first winter storm of the year causes public works the most concern because people have not changed their driving habits yet.
“Our trucks are out there trying to clear the roads,” he said. “Make their travel as safe as possible, give our large trucks plenty of room.”
Coleman advised drivers to slow down to ensure longer stopping distances, and clear windshields and lights before going onto the road and stay off cellphones.
More information and safety tips are available online at You may also call the public works office at 660-262-4661.