State and Local 2022 Midterm Election Results


Election season is a big time for politics, and the groups that support them. American Democracy Project Student Campus Coordinator, Lindsey Burns said she was pleased with how much support ADP got during the election season. ADP sent out volunteers to help get people registered to vote at various voter drives.
However, some students on campus still didn’t vote in this midterm. Historically, there has been a low voter turnout for midterm elections, especially from young people.
In data from a survey conducted by Edison Research, and the Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement they estimated that only 27% of youth (ages 18-29) cast a ballot in 2022.
Sophomore Stephanie Marcella said she did not vote in this election, but she still watched as results rolled in.
“I was a little disappointed [with the results] but it was expected,” Marcella said. “I feel like we are going in a further right direction and it’s not very good for Missouri or the country, in my opinion. So seeing that was a little disappointing to me.”
In the race for the United States Senator seat, Republican Eric Schmitt was elected with 64 percent of the vote in Johnson County. The United States Senator for Missouri position was opened after Sen. Roy Blunt did not seek re-election, after holding the seat since 2010.
The race for the senate seat was closely watched by Missouri voters, and the Secretary of State reported Schmitt won with 55% of the vote.
Missouri saw a number of Republicans win various positions. Voters also legalized marijuana and passed two other amendments.
According to the Missouri Secretary of State, Missouri voters decided in favor of Amendment 5 to the Missouri Constitution with 53% of voters in favor. This amendment proposes to make the Missouri National Guard its own agency rather than being under the authority of the Missouri Department of Safety as it has been currently.
Missouri voters decided to support Amendment 4. The Missouri Secretary of State reported 63% of Missouri voted in favor, in Johnson County 63% voted in favor of the amendment.
Amendment 4 proposes that the Missouri Constitution be amended to authorize an increase to minimum funding for a police force established by a state board of commissioners. After the amendment is approved, the State of Missouri would make it mandatory for all police departments under state control through a board of police commissioners to increase and set minimum funding limits.
Kansas City is the only city in Missouri that has its police force under state control which makes it the only city that will be affected by this measure. This proposal is stated as being done to ensure such a police force has enough resources to properly serve its community. Those who oppose the bill say that it’s simply a matter of control.
Amendment 1 on this year’s ballot would amend the Missouri Constitution to allow the general assembly to override current constitutional restrictions of state investments and allow state investments in municipal securities. This was not voted in by Missouri citizens, with 54% voting against the amendment.