UCM president thanks community

Written by Muleskinner Staff

Dear Members of the Campus Community and Friends of UCM:
The University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg and surrounding communities can be very proud of the cooperative spirit and strong sense of community that contributed to a successful, history-making visit by President Barack Obama on July 24. We can agree that it is not every day a Presidential motorcade passes through Warrensburg, nor have the opportunity to hear a world leader say positive things about our university and community.  President Obama’s visit to UCM would not have occurred if it were not for the community’s reputation for welcoming hospitality and the above-and-beyond commitments and dedication of many people who worked tirelessly, in a short period time, to make this historical event occur.
A special acknowledgement goes to Whiteman Air Force Base for accommodating the President upon his arrival/departure, and all the area businesses that decorated windows, hung banners, and took other steps to display their support. We also greatly appreciate the efforts of regional law enforcement and local public safety personnel committed to make this a safe and successful event.
Transforming UCM’s Student Recreation and Wellness Center into a national event stage, which was captured by media and shared across the world, was an extraordinary accomplishment. Such a strong positive, collective effort would not have happened without exceptional support and the dedication of staff, faculty and students who wanted to put the university’s best effort forward.
We are also proud of the team of individuals – a cross section of the campus – who enthusiastically accepted both the honor and the challenges of working behind the scenes to prepare for and implement this extraordinary event. It was a tremendous experience working with the White House staff and the United States Secret Service to provide shared talent, experience and leadership in coordinating important details.
We can especially be proud that President Obama publically recognized UCM‘s vision and willingness to pioneer new initiatives in education through projects such as The Missouri Innovation Campus.  As he is quoted in an article that appeared in the July 25, 2013 edition of the Miami Herald about his UCM speech, “I want the entire country to notice it, and I want other colleges to take a look at what’s being done here.”
Thank you on behalf of the University of Central Missouri.
Joining you in service,
Chuck Ambrose, President
University of Central Missouri