A year to never forget at The Muleskinner

Written by Muleskinner Staff

Story by Nicole Cooke, Copy Editor—
Nicole 2Well, the time has finally come to say my goodbyes to everyone I’ve come to know during my four years at UCM.
Last week it was time to say goodbye to my sorority sisters who have given so much to me during my time as an active member.
I became an alumna of Sigma Kappa Sorority last Thursday and have proudly been toting around a  “Sigma Kappa Alumna” bag ever since.
It was a weird feeling not attending the last meeting of the year on Monday while the rest of my sisters talked about recruitment preparations for the fall.
Next week it’s time to say goodbye to my public relations family, whether it’s fellow students I’ve had the privilege of working with at Innovative Public Relations, friends from PRSSA, or people I’ve come to know after years of group projects.
Our annual end of the year barbecue is this weekend, and it always makes for a good time.
I owe a lot to these people. I’ve seen them almost everyday in classes, PRSSA meetings or just spending free time in the PR suite.
All the PR students, and especially the PR faculty, have shaped me for my future career, and for that I’ll be forever grateful.
This week, however, is time to say goodbye to the staff at The Muleskinner that I’ve spent every Wednesday night with for almost the past year.
This is the last issue of the year, and it still doesn’t feel real.
I was a late addition to the team, but I felt like I fit right in the first night I worked here.
I was asked to help copy edit the Homecoming edition, which was quite the undertaking for my first issue, and the rest is history.
Now every week, I look forward to Wednesdays.
I spend most of my day and all night in the newsroom, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
We have yet to make our 6 p.m. deadline, but sometimes half the fun is spending hours in the newsroom making jokes, decorating the wall with random photos, sneaking in secret shout outs to editors, and updating the Facebook of anyone who forgets to log out when they leave the room.
Don’t worry, there is actual work being done up in Wood 312 every Wednesday.
There are periods of silence when we’re all focused on our work, which can be cut short by a funny joke or question asked across the room about AP style.
We just like to have fun while we’re doing it.
I’ve written at least one article each week this semester, if not more, and I’ve read every story that has come in multiple times.
I’ve become the resident guru on all things AP style, as well as Greek life.
I’m pretty sure I teach the editorial staff at least one new thing about both every week as we work in the newsroom.
I traveled to San Francisco with other editors for a conference, which taught me valuable skills to bring back, and I had my first cab ride.
I was part of the news team that covered last semester’s house explosion and this semester’s house fire.
It’s one of my favorite memories – working together into the morning to have the first story.
Editing countless stories for hours every week may not sound like your idea of a good time, but I’ve loved every minute of it.
I’ve gained more than I ever thought I would by working at The Muleskinner.
I’ve gained professional experience and made important contacts
I’ve created new relationships and learned a lot about myself.
To this year’s editorial staff, thanks for a year that I’ll never forget.
And to next year’s staff, make the most of your time in this newsroom.
It’ll become your second home – there’s a couch in here for a reason.