'Racing Red Tails' to compete in all-female race

Written by Muleskinner Staff

(PASCO, Wash., digitalBURG) – The University of Central Missouri’s aviation student Molly Brand will participate in one of the most prestigious, all-female, cross-country events this summer, “The Air Race Classic.” Brand and her teammate, Miyukiko “KoKo” Kostelny, will start the race in Pasco, Wash. on June 18 and will finish in Fayetteville, Ark. on June 21.
“It is a cross-country competition to celebrate females in the aviation industry,” Brand says. “The accuracy of planning and efficiency of flight, rather than who gets there first, is more important in this competition.”
The duo, known as the “Racing Red Tails,” will compete against more than 50 pairs of female pilots who have completed the race multiple times and garnered hundreds of hours of flying experience. The race will last four days and span 2,400 nautical miles.
“The aviation program at UCM is of the highest quality,” Brand says. “There is an emphasis on holding yourself to a higher degree. The faculty have already expressed their support and are willing to help us prepare in any way they can.”
Brand hopes to inspire females at UCM and around the country to pursue a fun and rewarding career.