As graduation approaches, make every moment count

Written by Muleskinner Staff

Story by Nicole Cooke, Copy Editor—
Nicole 2As the end of my senior year is rapidly approaching, I’m starting to look for jobs, something I’ve been avoiding, and trying to make the most of my last two months as a resident of Warrensburg, Mo.
I haven’t thought about graduation very much, but when I received an email from the registrar’s office with the subject line “Important Graduation Information Inside!” Tuesday, it really started to hit me.
After almost four years of living in the ‘Burg, I’ve had my share of interesting experiences and enough memories with my friends and sorority sisters to last a lifetime.
But now that I have less than two months before I transition from UCM student to UCM alumna, I have to make the most of my time here.
That means continuing to study like crazy for the last college classes I’ll ever take.
It also means going downtown both Friday and Saturday so I don’t miss out on the last opportunities to spend late nights with my friends and cheap drink prices that you can only find in Warrensburg.
It means staying up until 3 a.m. with your roommate on a Monday night to watch movies and eat cereal because in two months she won’t be your roommate anymore and you have to make the most of every moment possible.
It means not ever missing your weekly best friend date to watch “Grey’s Anatomy” even if you have homework because you need that time to catch up on each other’s lives.
When it comes to your senior year, or college in general, don’t miss out. Take chances. Take chances while it’s still acceptable to make mistakes as a student.
Don’t you want to look back on your college years and remember how successful you were and how much fun you had?
We’re here to prepare ourselves for a career, but we’re also here to find ourselves. We’re here to grow personally and professionally.
It has been a semester of “lasts” for me. I attended my last initiation as a collegiate member of Sigma Kappa last night.
My last spring break starts tomorrow.
The number of issues of the Muleskinner that I’ll copy edit is now in the single digits.
But I’m not letting any of that get me down. I’m looking at this semester as a time to celebrate.
I made it through college with a good GPA, internship experience to help me in the future, and a minimal number of weird downtown stories.
Freshmen, follow my example and be as involved as you can, study hard and have fun, whether it’s at a party with your friends, hanging out in the dorm lounge at odd hours of the night or cheering on the Mules at a football game.
Seniors, make the most of your last two months on this campus.
We may complain about the ‘Burg sometimes, but we know we’re going to miss it this fall when we’re at our new jobs.
There’s only 58 days until graduation – make them count!