Youth of Palestine

Written by Muleskinner Staff

Story by RANA ZAKARNA , for The Muleskinner—
Portrait colorChildren are everything for a society, the most innocent group of humans, and the future builders of our world.
They need to be cared for in order to help them grow into adults capable of making changes.
Even though Palestinian children do not live a normal childhood, this does not stop them from having a childhood.
They still play even though they do not have great facilities. For them, an empty street is a great field to practice soccer.
A piece of scrap wood resembles their perfect board on which they write and draw.
The movement between cities is limited by checkpoints where Palestinians have to wait for hours in order to get from one city to another.
They choose to study at the nearest school, even if it is not the best or the one which they always dreamed to attend.
Those who don’t find a job often leave their hometown and search for a job in a different city or emigrate to a surrounding country, leaving their loved ones behind.
Palestinians also have trouble getting good medical care. Hospitals lack a lot of modern medical technology. Without proper medical attention, children can’t live healthy lives.
Those innocent children of Palestine, and even Israel, were born in a conflict which they did not make or choose.
Like all children, the Palestinian and Israeli child should have the right to live a peaceful and normal life.