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Charity basketball game supports Campus Cupboard

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The University of Central Missouri’s basketball courts saw new, and unexpected players, during a recent game. Members of the faculty and staff of the Administration and the Ward Edwards Buildings created basketball teams to compete in a charity basketball game hosted earlier this semester, the game was to provide donations to the Campus Cupboard. 

  The charity game was the idea of Drew Burkeybile, assistant vice provost for graduate studies. Burkeybile said the idea started off as just a pickup basketball game with Roger Best, UCM president. 

  Burkeybile went on to coach the Ward Edwards “Warriors”. Burkeybile, whose highest previous level of coaching was Little League, also said he was excited to go up against Kim Anderson, former Mules basketball coach and current special advisor on the national state of intercollegiate athletics, who coached the Administration Building “A-Team.”

  The game, which had a running clock, also featured rule changes with special attire for certain players with a special ball being in play at times. 

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  Burkeybile took credit for the fun rules, saying, “I don’t sleep much so I’ll lay in bed and come up with these things.”

  Ed Wirthwein, student standards and support coordinator, played in the game for the Administration Building team. After the game, on social media, Wirthwein decided to officially announce his retirement from the game of basketball. Wirthwein did however announce he would be willing to come back for another charity match. 

  Wirthwein also expressed pride in being able to play under Anderson, Wirthwein said Anderson coached them like he would “any other team.” 

  Wirthwein also said he was surprised at the level of training the players had to do before the game, with them having two 90 minute practices each night beforehand. 

  It was at these practices that Best was reportedly injured and was not able to play in the game.

  Another feature of the game was some fun pregame teasing between the teams. This started with the Ward Edwards “Warriors” printing trading cards. 

  In response, Best himself brought in a camera team to produce a hype video for the Administration Team.

  The charity game also ultimately went to benefit the Campus Cupboard. Beth Rutt, director of student activities and founder of the Cupboard, expressed her thanks for that and also stated that the food shortages are improving.

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