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Faith-based housing builds community

UCM students find growth with faith-based housing organizations

The Catholic Newman Center and The Rock are two faith-based housing options available to students at the University of Central Missouri. These housing complexes focus on building community through primarily religious teachings. 

  “My whole life where I grew up was a very Christian community, but not necessarily a very Catholic community,” Catholic Newman Center member Caleb Karp said. “Having the opportunity here to live with a whole bunch of other students that I can pray with, that I can go to Mass together with, that we can pray the rosary together with… it’s really helped me in my faith to have this community.”

  For many other students; however, the experience is not only about faith and prayer. Karp added that The Catholic Newman Center is deliberate in its commitment to community building. 

  “Living at Newman is different from living with… siblings or … living at your home because it’s not your family, but they are kind of your family,” Karp said. “It’s a lot more intentional and sincere… than a lot of other student communal housing options are.” 

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  The Rock, a faith-based housing option that is a part of the First United Methodist Church of Warrensburg, values leadership and responsibility. House leader, Steve Mills, says that The Rock provides opportunities for students to be leaders with the campus ministry. 

  “We’re not really just in the rental business, that’s the reason we provide a space here,” Mills said. “We’re really looking for students that want to take some sort of leadership and they can pick what that leadership might be.” 

  Mills added that The Rock provides an environment that encourages students to grow in their skills as well as their growth as a Christian. According to Mills, consideration for students applying involves a conversation about one’s Christian journey and what skills an applicant possesses that they can bring to The Rock. 

  Resident of The Rock, Chioma Agwuncha, has been with the organization for two months and will be one of The Rock’s publicity team members. 

  Agwuncha has spent most of her time in this position with the youth ministry.

  “It’s… a group for middle school [and] high school children,” says Agwuncha. “[It is] just basically to get these children closer to God but it’s always infused with a bit of fun,” Agwuncha said. Agwuncha added they have movie nights, games and other activities to teach Christian faith. 

  Students at organizations like The Rock are encouraged to gain experience from one another. Agwuncha adds that her experience with the organization’s community bonding activity, Rock Talk, has given her strength in her faith. Mills says that practices like this exist to help students search further into their growth as a Christian.

  “College is a time to ask questions and we’re here to help them do that,” Mills said. 

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