Moonlight Market Marks End Of Farmers Market Season


Photo by Eden McCann

The farmers market in downtown Warrensburg on a Saturday morning has venders sell handmade goods and produce. On the last Saturday of the season, the event will transform into the Moonlight Market.

  On Saturday, Oct.1 Warrensburg will be alive with the Moonlight Market from 4:30 to 7 p. m.  The rustic downtown of Warrensburg will be full of vendors and food trucks. There will be live music, played by Wyatt & Waters. Moonlight Market will mark the end of the season for the farmers’ market which is regularly held from 8 a. m. to noon. 

  “We wanted to hit a demographic in the afternoon to make it fun,” said Warrensburg Farmers’ Market manager Monica Mitchletree. 

   This time, it is able to reach a group that is not normally reached by the early Saturday morning farmers’ market. 

   For the event, the farmers’ market chose up and coming artists from the Kansas City area, booking Wyatt and Waters for live entertainment. This band, being the choice of the year, is a country cover band that sometimes includes their originals while playing. 

  Ruth Dixon, a farmers’ market vendor for her company, Urban Bloom Company, made her hobby of making homemade jewelry into a business during quarantine. Dixon joined the farmers’ market as a vendor to promote her online business. She is looking forward to meeting new people at the market, as well as the younger families attracted by the event.  

  In attendance at Moonlight market will be a rustic bakery based in downtown Warrensburg that specializes in bread and pastries. Green Truck bakery has been a part of the Warrensburg community since 2012. 

   “I really enjoy meeting people who may or may not know about us.” co-owner of the Green truck bakery Carmen Schick said. “I think it’s always good for the people to get to know the person who is growing or making their food.” 

  Join the community in celebrating the end of farmers’ market season, and explore downtown Warrensburg and the variety of vendors with so many unique trades.