Women’s Basketball Team Scores Two New Assistant Coaches

Written by Collin Sumler, Reporter

Lindsey Holt is talking to Ali Vigil and Josh Keister is talking to Kade Hackerott after practice. (Photo by Collin Sumler)

The Jennies basketball team recently hired Lindsey Holt and Josh Keister as two new assistant coaches for the 2021-2022 season. Keister is experienced with 25 years of coaching, while Holt is new to coaching.  Holt has only been coaching for four years, but she said it’s easy to make the adjustment.

 Holt started in 2016 as an assistant coach at Maysville High School, then she went on to Doane University to be a graduate assistant for the 2018 season. Before coming to the University of Central Missouri, she was an assistant coach at Northwest Missouri State University for the 2019 season. She said she likes being at UCM.

 “I got a rock solid group of kids who want to work hard, so it’s easy to make an adjustment from one university to another,” Holt said. “It also helps to stay in the MIAA.”

  Holt said she is looking forward to getting to know everybody and help with the success that the team had from previous year. 

  “I’m excited to bring my people skills. I love connecting people and getting them to lead each other,” Holt said.

 Keister coached at Missouri Western State University for 11 years. After MWSU, he split time between Texas Christian University for the 2008 season, then at UCM from 2009-2014. Next he went to Indiana State University from 2014-2018 and the University of Nebraska Omaha from 2018-2020. He came back to UCM for this season. 

  “The kids are great to be around,” Keister said. “They have a good work ethic.  The adjustment is easy, because I’ve worked with the head coach for a while.” 

Josh Keister is talking to sophomore player Kade Hackerott after practice. Lindsey Holt is talking to Charley Bovaird. (Photo by Collin Sumler)

  Keister has years of experience and he is also looking forward to this season to help lead the team to another successful season. 

“I’m really excited to bring my experience as a coach to the team,” he added. 

  Freshman guard Charley Bovaird said she really likes the new assistant coaches and thinks that they add a lot to the team, perhaps taking them to the next level.

  “Keister is doing a good job on set plays,” Bovaird said. “Holt is really good with the fundamental and conditioning aspects.”