University gets Caffeinated at New Starbucks Location

  Jan. 25 Starbucks opened a new location at the University of Central Missouri inside the Elliot Student Union Atrium.

  The site was initially Union Express, which sold Starbucks products. 

  Starbucks employee Abby Fowler discussed how despite the pandemic and the weather, the business hasn’t slowed down too much at the union location.

  “There have been a couple of really busy days then some slower days, but it has been consistent,” Fowler said.

  Fowler said the best part of the job has been being part of the team.

  “I can honestly say my co-workers are really awesome, and our manager is one of the best managers I’ve had,” Fowler said.

  Cole Braun, the Starbucks supervisor, has been with Sodexo, the Starbucks’ corporate owner on campus, for almost two years now and took over with the opening of the Elliot Union location. Cole describes how the location has been since its beginning despite the pandemic

  “It’s been a little bit of a rollercoaster here. The pandemic hasn’t been that big of a deal. The biggest thing has been keeping students aware that the Starbucks in the Student Union is open now,” Braun said. 

  Braun said he believes he has created a positive work environment for employees. 

  “The biggest thing I try to tell my staff is it’s a fun, inviting working situation,” Braun said. “There are no bad questions.” 

  Senior pro pilot major and Starbucks regular Andrew Everhart said the opening of the new location is excellent for those who don’t have time to walk to the other side of campus for Starbucks.

  “The location is good for people not trying to walk out of their way to the Crossing,” Everhart said.

  He said he sees the new location as something all students are appreciating.

  “It will benefit students because the union is on the way to most of their classes, and it’s easy to get a coffee there and continue to class,” Everhart said.