Illustration and Design Seniors Cover Gallery Walls

Written by Skye Melcher and Bethany Spitzmiller

  The UCM Fall 2020 Senior Exhibition features the work of graphic design, interior design and illustration majors in the Gallery of Art & Design. The exhibition was from Nov. 11-20, and featured the creations of 13 student artists.

  Gallery director and curator Christian Cutler said there has been less traffic in the gallery this semester because of COVID-19, but even while at a 10% capacity, attendance was better than last semester.  

  “Back in March, when we had to close down because of Covid-19, we had to put everything online for senior show, and it was just awful,” Cutler said. “The ability for someone to come in and physically install their hard work onto the walls and have it publicly displayed is so beneficial, not only for the senior but also for other undergrads who are following in their footsteps and will be having a senior show in the future.”

  Junior graphic design major Margarete Atatai visited the gallery to see the student displays for inspiration for her final project.

  “It kind of helps me get an idea of how maybe I can do mine later on,” Atatai said.

  Senior Emilee Patterson is a graphic design and illustration major who showcased her art. 

With the current pandemic, there were changes to the set up and format of the exhibition, but the nervous energy and stress the seniors feel as they prepare was still there.

  “It’s not necessarily harder on the professors,” Patterson said. “I think it’s harder on us because we expect ourselves to make a perfect show. We put a lot of stress on ourselves.” 

  Patterson said the worry is that they might not have enough pieces or could have too much, and the artists don’t want to overwhelm those coming in to see the displays. Setting up for the show takes a lot of time and energy, which Patterson recommended replenishing with doughnuts. 

  “It’s a lot of fun, and if you ever have the urge to drop off doughnuts during the setup of it, do it,” Patterson said. “That’s what we always joke about in the art department, is if you ever feel like giving us food during senior show, go for it. We’re probably skipping lunch that day.

  Even with nervous energy, it’s rewarding for the artists to see their artwork displayed. 

  “I really like my dog stickers because I’m a dog sitter on the side, and all those dogs are based off of dogs I interact with, Patterson said. “It was fun to draw their sketches and give them a personality.”

  Senior Moriah Dowty, graphic design and illustration major, agreed with Patterson that the senior exhibit is a special time for seniors to display their work.

  “They get to have the chance to show off what they’ve done, all the hard work and the sweat and tears they hav

e to put in for all their stuff. They finally get to show it off, which is a big thing.”

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  • The students that participated in the Senior Exhibition were interior design, illustration and graphic design majors. There were 13 students who participated this semester.

    Photo by Skye Melcher

  • Megan Mitchem, senior interior designer, hangs swatches under her floor plan to show the variety of options available and create an interactive display.

    Photo by Skye Melcher

  • Emilee Patterson, graphic design and illustration senior, showcases her work on the gallery walls, but also allows visitors to take a piece of her art home through stickers she created. Her stickers and Ninja Turtle poster were her favorite pieces displayed.

    Photo by Skye Melcher

  • It took sweat, tears, time and tools to set up their displays, but the experience was rewarding. Moriah Dowty said the Senior Exhibit is a mood-booster for the end of the semester.

  • Senior Moriah Dowty also made notebooks and stickers to give guest when visiting the gallery.

    Photo by Skye Melcher

  • Interior Design senior Brianna Glanville designed a neighborhood hub with product samples and a floor plan for her exhibit.

    Photo by Skye Melcher

  • Senior Brittany Griffin’s show featured many colorful illustrations and designs that she has done. She also included examples of label design for some products.

    Photo by Skye Melcher

  • Katelyn Oren, graphic design, works on setting up her show with friend, Skye Melcher. They both work at The Muleskinner, and showcased Oren’s design work as a team.