Students Voice Their Opinions: Characteristics of a Good President

Written by Skye Melcher, Features Editor

Photo by Skye Melcher

Junior Rachel Seals | Digital Media Production 

“Definitely to have great leadership and to just be a good voice to the people that they’re representing. Definitely would need to be able to hear the people and you know see what it is they want and try to accommodate in the best way possible.”










Photo by Skye Melcher

Senior Kathryn McMeen | Computer Science Software Development 

“You need to be intelligent, diplomatic, be able to see both sides of an issue, not extremely right or extremely left but be able to see both sides. Well spoken is always nice, to speak intelligently. I think those are the most important things.” 












Photo by Skye Melcher

Senior Demetrius Hampton | Theater and International Studies Majors

“The president’s characteristics should include good communication, diplomatic responses, a global understanding of the way the world works as well as mediation techniques.”