KMOS awarded for community event

Written by Muleskinner Staff

Story by Andrea Lopez, for The Muleskinner—
KMOS-TV, the public broadcasting station at UCM, has been nationally recognized by the National Educational Telecommunications Association for its admirable community in-
volvement programming.
Beyond broadcasting 24/7 on three different channels, KMOS-TV created an event called “Kids Day,” which has evolved into a successful occasion over the past 11 years.
Since 2001, KMOS-TV has generated an annual family day of educational entertainment geared toward children from preschool to eight years of age.
From readings to appearances by PBS Kids characters, KMOS Kids Day provided an inviting environment for adults to learn alongside with their child.
“We wanted to have an event that would provide the families of young children a way to connect the viewing of PBS Kids programs with reading and hands-on learning,” said Rosemary Olas, UCM’s interim director of broadcasting services. “We developed the Kids Day concept and have grown the event each year since.”
The very first Kids Day program 11 years ago had an attendance of nearly 300.
Jump forward to 2011, when it was hosted at the Holiday Inn Expo Center in Columbia, Mo., on May 1, where a record crowd of over 6,500 people showed up.
The numbers show how successful Kids Day was.
However, due to economic circumstances, there will not be a Kids Day event for 2012.
Because Kids Day has proven to be a hit, it was submitted for a competition that was being judged by the NETA, a public media station national organization.
Based on its continuous efforts to provide communities with these free family day events, KMOS-TV was one of 20 broadcasters across the nation to be recognized for their superb programming.
KMOS-TV stood out because they have traveled to different communities to present Kids Day during the past 11 years, providing outreach to families often in underprivileged areas.
According to a press release from KMOS, Olas said, “The original intent of KMOS Kids Day was to establish closer ties with the many communities reached by KMOS-TV and to provide young families with tools to engage in hands-on learning with their children in the home. The unanticipated bonus for us has been getting to know and partner with the amazing residents of Central Missouri.”
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