Clutch mode: procrastination ends, holidays begin

Written by Muleskinner Staff

 Story by KRISTIN GALLAGHER, Business Manager—
According to, Finals Week is defined as “a dormant superhuman power laying in young adults that comes out two-three times a year in times of great desperation.”
The end of the semester is near, and students have entered what is called “clutch mode.”
Three months ago, we knew that our projects would be due this week, but for some reason we found it suitable to put them off in the back of our minds until the very last minute.
I have not done the research nor the math, but based on what I hear from all of my classmates, we leave ourselves anywhere from 12-36 hours to complete most projects that are worth well over 10 percent of our grade, hence, clutch mode.
Yet, in a little over seven days, the stress will fade and the sleepless nights will all be worth it.
The books will be returned, and the cash will be used for a few stiff drinks.
The campus will die down as students pack up and head home for the holidays.
The grades will be submitted; good or bad.
My advice this week, my last words to you all before the end of this semester, is to look toward the light.
Before we know it, finals will be over and all projects will have been presented.
Until then, let us all grit our teeth and bear through the overwhelming amount of homework that all teachers tend to make due at the exact same time.
If we make it through this last week, we will be school free for a month.
No class. No teachers. No homework. No worries. When we come back in January, we will put our New Year’s resolutions into action, put our best foot forward, and put a whole new set of projects off until May.
So with the light in our sight, we will get through these last few days. We will pass all finals with flying colors, and the holiday will be upon us.
Drink some eggnog, hang out with family, and be grateful for tackling another semester in your college career.
I wish you all the laziest of holidays; may your break be free of all pens and college ruled paper.
Until next semester, stay ambitious UCM.