Stuber runs to nationals

Written by Muleskinner Staff

Story by Alex Agueros, for the Muleskinner—
Junior Tyler Stuber will compete as an individual at the NCAA-II Championships on Saturday in Joplin, Mo.
Stuber took a leadership role on the cross country team this season, and has led by example, being the most consistent runner on the team and improving with every race.
Stuber explained that a season like this begins months before the first race.
“It all started in the summer,” Stuber said. “It’s where you do your work for cross country, and then it all pays off.”
Head cross country coach Kirk Pedersen also complimented Stuber’s work ethic and attitude.
“Tyler has assumed the leadership role this year, and has done a great job with the group and his own training,” Pedersen said. “The level of racing he’s at is his highest.”
Junior runner David Warnex explained that Stuber’s unwavering work ethic is nothing new.
“He’s been injured about five times since I’ve known him,” Warnex said. “Each time he’s come back and has gotten even better.”
Warnex has been teammates with Stuber since high school, and had more to say about his friend’s success.
“[Tyler] nailed it on the head this season,” Warnex said. “What you want to do is get better every week and be at the peak by the last race.”
No matter where he places, Stuber said this nationals appearance will sit high on his list of achievements.
“It’s always been a pretty big goal of mine to make it to nationals,” Stuber said. “I always kind of figured the only way I could get there was on a team, so to do this individually is definitely at the top of my list.”
This nationals appearance is brand new to Stuber, but Pedersen remains optimistic for the race.
“In the eight regions, I consider ours to be one of the better ones.” Pedersen said. “He’s capable of finishing in the top 50 if he runs well.”
Warnex offered his prediction.
“He’s not scared of nationals,” Warnex said. “He’ll fight no matter what.”
The NCAA-II Championship race begins at 11 a.m. on Saturday in Joplin, Mo.