We learn from each other

Written by Muleskinner Staff

Dear Editor,
Johnson County Citizens for Environmental Action (CEA) would like to thank all who joined our Earth Day at the Farm Celebration a few weeks back. We all learned something that day, as this note will show.
One of our guests at Earth Day walked her dog to our event, and she proudly shared that she had brought along two small bags – one to pick up after her dog did its business, and the other one to pick up trash and recyclables that she passed along the way. She encouraged CEA to encourage others to get into this habit too.
CEA heartily supports walking as a healthful and viable means of doing business in our respective communities. We hope that more time, attention and resources are paid to accommodate safe walking and cycling in the future. It’s part of what makes a person want to remain in the community in their retirement years.
Next time you’re on a stroll and improving your cardiovascular system, take along a bag or two and help keep our environs clean. The occasional stop won’t interrupt your pacing too much, but it will help to keep our communities looking crisp and clean. It’s the sign of a proud town.
Vernon Elsberry – President
Johnson County Citizens for Environmental Action
Warrensburg, Mo.