Ask Adalyn: Suitmate Issues

Written by Muleskinner Staff


My suitemates are horrible. They never clean up after themselves in the bathroom, leaving trash and everything on the ground, then blame me and my roommate about it. What can I do to make this stop? I don’t want to get them in trouble; I just want them to own up to their faults. -Ali

Well Ali, it sounds to me like they don’t have much regard for your living area. I would try talking to them and confront them about it, but if you are shy, you could go to your CA. If you don’t want to be a tattletale, I would say don’t bring the CA into the drama. The only other way for this to get fixed would be to ask them straight-up. I’m more of an assertive person, so I’m OK with sitting down with my suitemates if I have a problem and talking it out.

Please avoid the passive aggressive approach because that tends to drive the situation down a road you don’t want to take, trust me. You could try starting a chore rotation and make a list and hang it in the bathroom to show you aren’t playing around, if that helps! Having everyone accountable and sharing the work is key because you all live together – nobody wants to live in a pigsty with other people causing it.
Best of luck to you! Truly,


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