License renewal deadlines approaching for Warrensburg

Written by Muleskinner Staff

Annual business, liquor and dog license renewals for the City of Warrensburg will soon be in the mail. License holders should obtain renewals prior to deadlines in order to avoid potential late fees.
Business licenses expire June 1 and license holders may be subject to a late fee if not renewed by July 1. Any business operating within the city limits, including the sale of a product for future delivery or providing a service of any kind, is required to obtain a business license even if the physical location of the business is not in Warrensburg.
Lawn services, tree trimming and asphalt repair also require a city business license. Solicitor licenses, including door-to-door sales and ice cream trucks, require the individuals to provide a current photo and background information that is reviewed by the Police Department to help ensure public safety. Residents may contact the City Collector at any time to verify if a business has a current license, as this information is public record.
Residents may see vendors set up on local parking lots selling produce. These vendors are exempt from local license regulations by the State of Missouri and are allowed to sell produce that is grown in Missouri.
Liquor licenses expire July 1 and the establishments are requested to have the building inspections scheduled and completed prior to the deadline.
All dog owners within the city limits are required to obtain dog licenses. These licenses are needed for public safety to ensure that all dogs within the city have current rabies vaccinations. Dog licenses expire June 1 and documentation of current rabies vaccination needs to be provided for all renewals.
For more information contact City Collector Carl Larkerbrink at 660-747-9131 or visit City Hall at 102 S. Holden St.