Story corrections: Financial Services provide financial support solutions

Written by Muleskinner Staff

Below is an edited version of a story that ran in our first print edition of the year. It has come to our attention that some details of the story were incorrect. Many of our writers are fledgling reporters, and the responsibility for these errors falls on myself, as copy editor, for not verifying their accuracy. We would like to formally apologize to both Student Financial Services, and to our readers for any misinformation we may have spread.
Additionally, there was a smaller incorrect detail in that issue’s story on student parents handling their stress. UCM’s Foster-Knox day care is not a free service. While it is a tremendous boon to many students juggling those responsibilities, it is in fact a paid service.
This first issue has been a tremendous learning experience, and we will do better in the future. 
Here at UCM, scholarships and Financial Aid packages are readily available to help students pay for – and earn – their degrees. 
Navigating this, however, can be a challenge as different terms are applied to different aspects of the process, and it can be stressful to navigate without an expert guide. For example, as a new (or returning) student, the difference between a “subsidized” and “unsubsidized” loan might not mean anything to you right now. As you continue through higher education, take the time to follow up regularly with your Financial Aid counselor. This could save you thousands of dollars post-graduation if you know which type of loan to take out.That’s where the Office of Student Financial Services comes in to help. Their team is focused on helping students understand exactly how a student can apply for scholarships, accept loan aid, navigate grants and free aid, and how to apply all of these to their semester bill.
All of these services can be found in the Student Financial Services section of your MyCentral account. If you are unsure of any part of the process, then your SFS counselor is available to help you with any questions. 
Students should manage their UCM bill online through their “mycentral” account, but the office staff can answer any questions during that process. 
If your bill is covered fully via aid, and the University actually owes you an amount back, then you can use MyCentral to set up a direct deposit refund from your student account, which will pay out to your bank account. 
Contacting your financial aid counselor is a simple process. 
In MyCentral, click the “Contact Student Financial Services” link, and then briefly describe the nature of your question. For more urgent matters, you can simply walk into the Financial Services office and ask the front desk if your counselor – or any counselor – is available to answer your questions. For more serious matters, scheduling an appointment would be preferable.
Student Financial Services is available weekdays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to assist with any issues you might have regarding payment plans, scholarships, loans, and other sources of aid. Their office is located in Ward Edwards 1100 or available by calling 660-543-8266, contacting your specific counselor through email, or going online to MyCentral.