Greek Organizations Partner to Host Car Bash


Photo by Matthew Goldsmith

Dodge Durango that was destroyed for the charitable car bash put together by the two organizations. Car bash donors were able to hit the vehicle with a hammer. The car was provided by Richey’s Auto Salvage in Holden, Missouri. Photo by Matthew Goldsmith

Written by Matthew Goldsmith, News Editor

(From left to right) Lambda Alpha Epsilon-Gamma Epsilon Delta’s McKenna Rice and Taigan Rogers and Phi Sigma Kappa’s Ozzie Bockover stand in front of the Dodge Durango that was destroyed for the charitable car bash put together by the two organizations. Photo by Matthew Goldsmith

Phi Sigma Kappa and Lambda Alpha Epsilon-Gamma Epsilon Delta held a car bash on Aug. 23 to raise money for Special Olympics and raise awareness for their organizations. 

At the event, donors were able to take a hammer and smash a Dodge Durango that sat next to Walton Stadium. The event raised $110 for Johnson County Special Olympics. 

Ozzie Bockover, president of Phi Sigma Kappa, said he was pleased with the results of the car bash and thought his organization accomplished what they set out to do. 

“A lot of what we were trying to do was do as much good as possible while also benefiting our chapter kind of on a campus scale to let everyone know that ‘hey, we’re still here and we’re actually trying to do stuff,’” Bockover said. 

Bockover said his fraternity is planning at least one more philanthropic event this year. He noted the work the fraternity does on a larger scale for Special Olympics, which is the official philanthropic organization of Phi Sigma Kappa.

“It’s a big part of every single chapter at every single school that has Phi Sigma Kappa, and generally every year, every semester, Phi Sigma Kappa at any school will have a philanthropy event, and it’s specifically to benefit Special Olympics,” Bockover said. 

McKenna Rice, vice president of LAE-GED, said they differ from Phi Sigma Kappa in that LAE-GED is an academic fraternity that targets students interested in criminal justice. She said that her organization also differs from Phi Sigma Kappa from a philanthropic perspective, but still focuses on community service. 

“We don’t have a national philanthropy, but we have a community service recruitment chair, so we just kind of like to get out into the Warrensburg community and help give back what they’ve given to us,” Rice said.

Secretary of LAE-GED Taigan Rogers said he enjoyed participating in an event that benefitted Special Olympics. 

“I think it’s really great to be here and to be able to come out and help raise money for an important cause like this,” Rogers said.