TRIO to Use CARES ACT Funding


Photo by Matthew Goldsmith

Junior speech language pathology major and TRIO student Tiffani Perez works at one of the TRIO labs in the Humphreys Building.

Written by Matthew Goldsmith, News Editor

  Emergency Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding will be used to help support the TRIO-Student Support Services program at the University of Central Missouri. The program, which has existed since 1978, assists first-generation college students, students from a low-income background and students with disabilities. 

  Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Phillip Bridgmon said TRIO, a federal grant-funded program, had an unsuccessful renewal application because the program was part of a competitive pool of applicants and scored below what is required for funding. Bridgmon said the program’s significance is why the CARES Act funding is being used.

  Bridgmon said he expects the program to continue for the remainder of this school year and the next year because it provides support for students to be successful.

  “It’s a vitally important program that we need to continue,” Bridgmon said. “I look forward to that continuing.”

  Chris Beggs, Executive Director of Academic Support Services, oversees TRIO. Beggs said he thinks the program is important because of the additional support it provides its targeted groups.

  “There are so many students who had an opportunity to be served by the many different personnel who worked here to get the degrees that they sought, and no one can take that away,” Beggs said.

  Junior speech language pathology major and TRIO student Tiffani Perez said she has benefited from her experience with TRIO.

  “I think it’s probably one of the best experiences I can get out of college,” Perez said. “I just think there’s so many good, helpful resources here.”

  Perez said that being a part of TRIO has helped introduce her to people on campus.

  “I think making those connections with people has been one of my favorite things about TRIO,” Perez said.