Police continue search for man who approached girls

Written by Muleskinner Staff

News Editor
(WARRENSBURG, Mo., digitalBURG) — The Warrensburg Police Department continues to search for the suspicious man who approached three female minors last week.

Warrensburg Middle School surveillance cameras caught footage of a suspicious individual Sunday.
Warrensburg Middle School surveillance cameras caught footage of a suspicious individual Sunday, Sept. 20. The individual was seen twice Tuesday, Sept. 22 around Warrensburg.

The individual is described as being a white male with short brown hair and a mustache, between the ages of 20 and 30, driving a maroon Ford Taurus. The car has a spoiler and a white sticker in the rear passenger window, according to the WPD.
The man is reported to have approached a young girl outside Warrensburg Middle School Sunday, Sept. 20. There were two more incidents that occurred the evening of Tuesday, Sept. 22 – one near Anderson Street and one near the corner of East North Street and state Route 13. In all three instances the man asked the girls questions and tried to get them to approach his car.
Tim Lowry, acting chief of police, said the WPD has followed up on more than 50 leads pertaining to the suspicious individual. He said the Sedalia Police Department and the Johnson County Sherriff’s Department have been assisting in the search.
“Hopefully this provides the parents an opportunity to talk with their kids about how they should respond to a situation like this,” Lowry said.
Lowry said anyone approached by this individual should ignore them, not approach the car and report it to the police. Lowry said a lot of parents have started talking to their children and teachers have spoke to their students about how to stay safe and react to situations like this.
“It’s a talk that we should all be having with our kids anyways,” he said. “But sometimes things like this just emphasize what you should be doing.”
Lowry said there have not been any incidents reported since the two last Tuesday.
“We haven’t had any other incidents since then – which is great,” Lowry said. “That’s always the biggest worry… that he would get frustrated and maybe take the next step. It wouldn’t just be talking or trying to get them to approach his car, that maybe he would become more aggressive in this situation.”
Anyone with information related to these events or the man in question should call the WPD dispatch line at 660-747-2265.