UCM offers new Fighting Mules Scholarship

Written by Muleskinner Staff

(WARRENSBURG, Mo.) – The new Fighting Mules Scholarship is available to a limited number of students with extra funds available to students who make cybersecurity – a growing field in the military – their academic pursuit.
The scholarship was established by UCM President Charles Ambrose in cooperation with the Department of Military Science and Leadership in the Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies, according to a news release. Offered for the first time in fall 2015, this scholarship provides five $1,000 financial awards annually to freshmen students who meet criteria that include: enrollment at UCM, a minimum ACT score of 23, and a commitment to take the freshman Military Science course.
If students choose to pursue the university’s new Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity degree program, they also can expand the scholarship by an extra $500. Also, students who receive the scholarship must graduate from college prior to their 30th birthday.
“We see this as a good way for students who may not have considered a career in the military to get their feet in the door, and learn more about it,” said Major J.C. Christenson, a U.S. Army veteran who chairs the Department of Military Science and Leadership.
He said the new scholarship represents a shared vision between the university’s administration and the Department of Military Science and Leadership that “will greatly enhance our ability, to recruit, retain and develop future Army leaders” at UCM, according to the news release.
John Wolfmeyer, recruiting operations officer for the department, said that although the Fighting Mules Scholarship was initially designed to attract students to UCM who may be undecided on a college or major, incoming freshmen already enrolled at UCM also are encouraged to apply.
No commitment is required of students, other than taking the basic Military Science course.
The new Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity is being offered for the first time this fall, and is housed in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science within the College of Health, Science and Technology.
To learn more about the Fighting Mules Scholarship and how to apply, contact Wolfmeyer at 660-543-4863 or email [email protected]. For more information about ROTC at UCM, contact Wolfmeyer or Christenson at 660-543-4867 or email [email protected]