School officials respond to school threat

Written by Muleskinner Staff

(WARRENSBURG, Mo., digitalBURG)— The Warrensburg R-6 superintendent is confident that the district’s policy in securing school buildings is effective after receiving a school threat for the second time this semester.
An anonymous email was sent to Warrensburg High School on Tuesday morning, saying someone was going to come in and shoot the school. School officials requested additional security for the high school, totaling four Warrensburg Police officers.
Scott Patrick, superintendent, said the school has an anonymous tip line, which students can use to request help. It was through this system that the threat was made. High school officials then asked their technology department to track where the information came from.
After a day of investigation, high school administrators and police concluded the email was a fabrication.
“The tech department and the police were able to narrow it down to an individual, who then decided to confess,” said Simone Dillingham, WHS principal.
Warrensburg Police officials declined to comment.
Dillingham said the student confessed to police, and she contacted the student Wednesday morning for disciplinary actions.