Mo. House passes performance funding for colleges

Written by Muleskinner Staff

(JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., AP) — The Missouri House has passed legislation that would implement performance-based funding for public universities and community colleges.

Under the bill, the schools would work with the Department of Higher Education to develop goals, such as graduation and retention rates, that would then be used to determine part of their funding.
The performance-based goals would apply in years the state can afford to increase higher education funding. In those years, 90 percent of a school’s funding increase would be determined using the goals. Ten percent would go toward resolving historic funding inequities among the Missouri’s public colleges.
The House voted 143-3 on Wednesday to send the bill to the Senate. Senators have already passed their own version of the bill, but it doesn’t include community colleges and would expire in 2016.
University funding is HB 1390