Former TWA Flight 800 investigators want new probe

Written by Muleskinner Staff

(NEW YORK, AP) — Former investigators of the TWA Flight 800 crash off Long Island are calling on the National Transportation Safety Board to re-examine the case.
The retired investigators claim that findings were “falsified.” A documentary on the subject is coming out in July.
The 1996 crash of the Paris-bound flight killed 230 people.
Initial speculation ranged from maintenance problems to a bomb and even a meteorite. Some critics theorized that a Navy missile accidentally brought down the jetliner.
The NTSB concluded that Flight 800 was destroyed by a center fuel tank explosion, probably caused by a spark from a short-circuit in the wiring.
The agency said Wednesday its four-year probe remains one of its “most detailed investigations.”
The board said it would review any petition it receives from the documentary’s producers.