"Hangover Part III"


Written by Muleskinner Staff

By JOSHUA LEONARD (digitalBURG) – I went to the pre-screening of “The Hangover Part III,” and the movie was a decent conclusion to a trilogy that should have only been one film.
To me, “The Hangover” films are just a one-trick pony. In every film, you can expect Doug either missing or kidnapped, Alan being overly ridiculous, Stew screaming virtually the entire film, and Phil keeping his cool and trying to figure out how to resolve the situation. “The Hangover Part III” was no different. Do not get me wrong, I enjoyed the third and final installment of the trilogy, but it was what I expected.
The-Hangover-3-posterI like that director Todd Phillips tried to not make the storyline the same formula as the first two films, but really, it was the same movie all over again, just a little darker. “Part III” really centralizes around Alan and Chow. Chow steals $21 million worth of gold from a tycoon crook named Marshal, played by John Goodman. Marshal takes Doug as an incentive for the Wolfpack to find Chow and Marshal’s money.
Just like “Part II,” the first act of the film was really funny, the second act slows down the pace, and the third act of the film is just kind of there and you are ready for the movie to be over. I thought most of the funny points in the film were in the trailer, which I hate when that happens.
Overall, “The Hangover Part III” was a good conclusion to the trilogy, but it is not one I am going to go out and buy the day it hits the shelves. It’s worth a watch, especially if you have seen the first two, but it is nothing to rush to theaters to see on opening night.