Graduating business manager passes torch

Written by Muleskinner Staff

Story by ASHLI HARRIS, for The Muleskinner—
Most of the editorial staff for The Muleskinner is graduating in May, meaning the time has come to hire new editors. One of those new hires is Chris Meyer, who has been hired as the business manager for 2013-2014.
Meyer is a junior from Glasgow, Mo., double majoring in business management and entrepreneurship with a minor in legal studies.
He is the president of Integrated Business Experience, also known as IBE, an organization in which students take out loans to produce products and the profits gained go to local charities to give them real business experience. He has also owned a number of businesses including a disc jockey company, as well as a detail shop.
However, The Muleskinner is a new task for Meyer. “I saw that The Muleskinner was looking for a business manager and knew that I would be the perfect person for the job,” Meyer said. “It is sort of a challenge because I have become accustomed to running my own businesses. However, because of my ownership experience and having managed organizations, I will be a great addition to he Muleskinner team.”
Although he has never worked in the area of news, Meyer said he is well prepared for the responsibility.
Current Business Manager Kristin Gallagher said she is thrilled that someone with prior knowledge and experience will take her place as she graduates from UCM. “When I met Chris for the first time, I could tell he was going to be great at this,” Gallagher said.
Meyer’s new responsibilities include organizing ads, managing ad representatives and their selling efforts, and maintaining relationships with clients.
“Being the business manager is very time intensive,” Gallagher said. “Chris already has a sense of this kind of responsibility and his prior skills have made him content in his abilities. I am at ease knowing that someone with prior experience, intelligence and positive work ethic will be handling the business side of The Muleskinner.”
Muleskinner adviser Matthew Bird-Meyer and the Student Publications Board were also impressed by Meyer’s expertise in the management and entrepreneurship field.
“What sold me and many other board members were Meyer’s organizational skills and how he keeps track of upcoming special events and how he puts out fliers to advertise his businesses ahead of time,” Bird-Meyer said.
Bird-Meyer agreed with Gallagher and said he thinks that Meyer was a good choice to join the Muleskinner staff.
“Chris is going to fit in nicely with the Muleskinner team,” Bird-Meyer said. “He has already proven record of working well in a team environment, and it is clear that he has great ideas and the drive to take the student newspaper to the next level.”
For more information about The Muleskinner, contact Bird-Meyer at [email protected].