"Doctor Who" revives classic 1967 villain

Written by Muleskinner Staff

(Photo courtesy of BBC America)
(Photo courtesy of BBC America)

Story by JOSHUA LEONARD, for The Muleskinner—
The year is 1983 and the Russians are hundreds of feet below sea level.
They await the order to fire off nuclear missiles if anything above water goes awry.
In the ice, the Russians found what they think is a mammoth of sorts and bring it onto their submarine. This is where The Doctor and Clara show up!
“Cold War” is a fantastically claustrophobic and creepy episode that brought back the classic 1967 villain, the Ice Warrior.
I mean, what is more dangerous than an angry Martian military warrior that has been frozen in the ice for 5,000 years stuck on a submarine full of nuclear warheads?
That is what I thought too.
The Doctor must stop the Ice Warrior from launching the nuclear missiles, which would cause mass chaos and the destruction of the human race.
I really enjoyed seeing Liam Cunningham (“Safe House,” “Dog Soldiers”) as the submarine captain, as well as David Warner (“Tron,” “TMNT: Secret of the ooze”).
I absolutely loved the color scheme of the episode as well. The vibrant reds and blues really helped set the tone and feel like The Doctor is submerged under hundreds of feet of water.
I enjoyed that the Ice Warrior still looked almost exactly the same from 1967 and that the current show added its own modern day spin on it by showing the Ice Warrior’s face.
Now onto my main complaint of the episode – the TARDIS translator.
In “The Rings of Akhaten,” the TARDIS translator was not working for Clara, as she could not understand any of the alien languages. I decided to let that issue go when Clara tried to open the TARDIS on her own and said as the doors would not open, “I guess she doesn’t like me.”
So I decided to get over it.
But in “Cold War,” Clara can speak fluent Russian and the translator is working?
Does the TARDIS “like her” now? I guess The Doctor did say that he has been tinkering with the TARDIS lately, so I will forgive that too.
But how is the TARDIS translator working when the TARDIS decides to transport itself off of the sub and away from danger?
Stephen Moffat, please will you just write all of the episodes for us so we do not have these weird continuity issues?
Besides that big complaint, “Cold War” was a pretty good “Who” episode.
It definitely was not my favorite episode and was a tad bit of a letdown, but overall it was pretty good.
I think next week’s episode is going to really shine as we dive into the horror genre once again and are dealing with ghosts.
Until next time my fellow whovians. Geronimo!