Take the time to discover yourself

Written by Muleskinner Staff

Story by Kristin Gallagher, Business Manager—
KristinAs a senior in college, I look back at the past four years and think about all I have done.
I have maintained a high GPA, I have passed every course I have enrolled in, I have impressed professors, I have been involved in on-campus organizations and above all, it seems I have worked my college years away.
It is not just school that has taken up my time. The intricate balancing act I have managed for the past four years between three jobs and school has proved quite impressive if I do say so myself.
But I have missed out on vacations, road trips, parties and family reunions because I had to be either in class or at work.
I know I am not the only one who has worked three jobs and managed to be a full-time student. I know some of you are balancing all of that plus more right now.
Here is my point, though: in the four years I have been here, I cannot remember any decent amount of time I took out for myself.
Not one weekend was homework-free. Not one spring break was spent on a beach.
Instead, I have studied myself into a fun-free stupor and have almost forgotten what it is like to treat myself.
So my advice to all of you is to take time for yourself. Take time away from the homework and studying and go do something that makes you feel good.
Perhaps this is not what most people would consider wise advice for a college student, but I feel like it is necessary advice.
Someone has to let you know that life is no fun with all work and no play, and it most likely won’t be your professors.
Without this personal time, you may look back one day at the end of your college career and wonder about all of the things you missed out on.
Worst of all, without this personal time, you may end up looking back on your college career as all stress and deadlines.
I am not telling you to go party or blow off your midterms, but I am suggesting you designate some of your time to being carefree because college is not all about stress and deadlines.
College is about trying new things and discovering yourself, and without free time and exploration, you are missing out on an opportunity to establish your identity.
UCM’s focus is on student learning and development, but if we focus solely on our GPA’s and coursework, that development factor can become easily overshadowed.
So take some time for you, UCM. Take a night off. Take a weekend off. Take a week off and enjoy a spring break before you reach your senior year and realize you never did.
Have fun, be safe and discover yourself!