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    Sweetheart shout outs for Valentine's Day

    Evan, I love you more than bears, beets, and battlestar galactica! -Annie
    Roses are red
    The carnations are too
    Please take them my love
    I’ve been hiding in the refrigerator waiting and my butt’s turning blue!
    Xoxoxo Diana

    To: my potential Central Girl

    From: Central Man
    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Here’s a cheesy poem
    From Central Man to you
    I always have lots of fun
    So come on give it a whirl
    I’m looking for someone to call
    My one and only Central Girl

    Happy Valentine’s Day to Katie, Kasie, and Andrea: This Valentine’s message is dedicated to you all and our mutual fear and failure to understand why Cupid was chosen to represent Valentine’s Day. When we think about romance, the last thing on our mind is a short, chubby toddler coming at us with a weapon. Regardless, I love you all. Happy Valentines Day to the 4-Pack.

    Love, Amanda.

    This is to the most beautiful girl in the universe and beyond,

    Though the tides may be rough to bear at times
    Though words may fail me at times
    Your beauty jumpstarts a roller coaster of pleasure within me
    Your charming smile elicits thoughts of a wonderful future together
    Thoughts of us dancing in the courts of love
    Me loving you and you loving me
    Forever and ever and beyond.
    I love you Lucy!

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    Dear Amanda Sasek,

    You mean everything to me, not just in a friend way….but in a love way.  You should know this by now but I really need it to be heard…..loud and clear……in this paper!  Right here!  Right now!  The only thing that could make me happy is to look into your eyes and hear you say it back.
    Matthew Winks

    Dear Josh,

    You’re the Apple™ of my eye, I love you to my core.
    Just like you love your Macs, You also I adore.
    Love, Ellen

     My Dearest Casey Cakes,

    You already know I love you, so this year for Valentine’s Day, I have decided to write you a thank you note instead of a love note. So, thank you for loving me in return. Thank you for showing me your love more than you say, and for loving me even when I don’t deserve it. Thank you for washing the dishes when I’m tired, and thank you for studying with me. Thank you for listening to me sing and loving my voice, even when I don’t. Thank you for never burning the macaroni and cheese. Thank you for holding all the doors open for me, and for carrying my books when my arms are full. Thank you for sharing your coat pocket when I forget my gloves, and thank you for making those late-night runs to the library with me. Thank you for walking me to class when you have other things to do, and thank you for caring about my happiness. Thank you for being gentle when I am broken, and for being firm and honest when I am narrow-minded. Thank you for opening the toughest jars, and for not screwing the lids back on too tight either. Thank you for running to my side when I need you. Thank you for crying with me when we lost my Dad. Thank you for reading to me every night until I fell asleep to keep the nightmares away. Thank you for giving me the words and strength I need everyday, and for silence when words don’t suffice. Thank you for simply being you. You really are a remarkable man, and I can’t thank you enough. I love you to the moon and back. Spaghetti tonight? -Haley

     I don’t need no money, fortune or fame

    I’ve got all the riches baby one man can claim
    Love having Audrey Jane as my girl.
    -Taz Hall

    Our dearest Andrew,

    Roses are red, flames are too; There’s a lot of fire, when we bodyslam you.
    We like the way you wiggle, we like the way you walk.
    We like everything about you, except the dumb mohawk.
    Love you!
    -The sunshines of your life

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    Sweetheart shout outs for Valentine's Day