Whitworth's parents file wrongful death suits

Written by Muleskinner Staff

Story by ANDY LYONS, News Editor—
The parents of Blaine Whitworth filed a wrongful death civil suit against Reginald L. Singletary and Ziyad T. Abid.
Singletary and Abid are accused of murdering Blaine on Sept. 1.
The parents are seeking an unspecified amount of money including funeral and other related expenses.
They are seeking judgment against the defendants for “fair and reasonable actual damages suffered by them as a result of the intentional and/or reckless death of William Blaine Whitworth,” according to court documents.
The civil suit is completely separate and distinct from the criminal action, according to criminal justice professor Dane Miller.
“This is an action for damages that will seek monetary compensation to the family for the loss of their son through the wrongful actions of another.
The civil suit will stand on its own and proceed on its own independently of the criminal action,” he said.
The criminal suit pertains specifically to how society views the case whereas the civil suit pertains specifically to an individual and their personal interests.