Graduate Farewell – Annelia Nixon


Photo by Mingzhu Zhu

  Annelia Nixon always knew she wanted to be a writer but she found her passion for journalism the first time she’d ever written for the Muleskinner. It began her sophomore year at the University of Central Missouri during her first-ever journalism class. She had to write a story and if the professor saw that it made journalist standards, then the story was submitted to the Muleskinner student news outlet. Nixon was ecstatic to see her story make the cut. This is where her journey with the Muleskinner began.

  Nixon started as a reporter, writing stories for class and hoped it ended up in the paper. Each time it did, her confidence grew and so did her writing skills. Still, she struggled with the dreaded Associated Press Style Guide which she came to know as AP style. Nixon despised AP style and what seemed like its endless list of rules. To Nixon, it was the most difficult and tedious thing in the world.

  Nixon eventually realized that if she was going to become a better journalist, she had to conquer AP style— so she did. 

  It was anything but easy. Every time she wrote for the Muleskinner she picked apart each line of her work, to ensure she followed AP style guidelines. Once again, it was the most tedious job in the world. 

  Nixon had not realized the progress she had made until she was offered the position of the Muleskinner’s copy editor. Insert shocked face here. Shortly after, she was offered the copy chief position. Bottom line, you can do it if you try.

  Nixon not only gained AP style experience, but she also gained new friendships and networked— a lot. Nixon had always been a social butterfly but crawled into her shell when she made the move from her home country of the Bahamas to the United States which seemed like a whole new world. It was overwhelming and as a result, she became a reserved person.

Bottom line, you can do it if you try.

— Annelia Nixon, Former Copy Chief

  Going out into the field reporting forced her to be the person she was before. Nixon experienced her first breaking news story with the Muleskinner when UCM students and staff were offered rides in a  Blackhawk helicopter. She got to meet prominent faculty members that make UCM what it is. 

  Best of all, she was awarded the opportunity to be part of a team that strives for greatness. Nixon will always remember and appreciate her time as part of the Muleskinner family.