Intramural Adds New Sport

Written by Addison Hammons, Photographer

Director of intramurals, Kevin Sneed, has added a new sport to the program. Isaac Roberson came up with the idea in the summer and pitched it to Sneed and graduate assistant Adam Bergschneider in August. There were 13 teams added to the sport.

Two students go head-to-head to try and get out in the first wiffle ball game of the night. (Photo by Addison Hammons)



The student keeps his eyes on the ball to get a 0-4 count to move onto first base. (Photo by Addison Hammons)



Teamwork is key, when one student misses the ball the other has his back and he gets the out. (Photo by Addison Hammons)



A UCM student releases a pitch to the batter to get the third out. (Photo by Addison Hammons)