Gearing Up for the Start of the Semester

Senior Ezra Ball said he believes juggling school, activities and having a social life is
no easy task.
“I spend a lot of time doing school, some time for extracurriculars, and little to no time
for a social life,” Ball said. “This is because I am currently focused on school and being
involved in my activities.”
Ball is currently taking 19 credit hours and majors in Construction Management and
minors in both Business Administration
and Military Science.
Also, Ball is involved in extracurricular
activities including the Reserve Officers’
Training Corps, president of the rugby team
and part of the students of construction
“I do feel tired after a night of eight
hours [of sleep] but that is generally after
multiple workouts the previous day,” Ball
said. “I generally wake up around 5 a.m.
or 6 a.m. and go to bed around 10 p.m. or
11 p.m.”
Some students find themselves struggling
to adjust to college life, making a routine
that reserves time for school and a social
“You’re never going to get a perfect
balance,” Ball said. “Focus on what is
important and prioritize your tasks and
activities,” he said.
Sophomore Business Management and
Military Science minor Jonas Ross said his
schedule is just as hectic. He is currently
taking 17 credit hours and working as a
community advisor on campus. Ross is
also involved at the Central Baptist Student
Union and with ROTC.
“It was a bit of a struggle to get organized
at first with everything all coming at me at
once,” Ross said. “Once the rhythm sets
in and I understand what I need to do and
when, I begin to feel more balanced.”

To add to this balance, Ross says it can help students to write everything down in a
planner or calendar.
“Mapping it out really helps put everything I have in a day into blocks, thus making it
easier to plan,” Ross said.
Sophomore and Medical Lab Science major Sophia Rose Mendoza said they felt
overwhelmed by the start of the semester. This is especially due to their new job as a
community advisor and their role in their sorority.
“With sorority recruitment the first weeks of classes, it’s ate up a lot of the time I could
be studying,” Mendoza said.