Beijing Winter Olympics Impacts Many Lives


Photo by Tianyu Yao, from Loughborough University

The climax of the opening ceremony was snowflakes. A large snowflake composed of 96 double-sided screens in the form of small snowflakes is suspended in the center of the venue.

 Six years of hard work, sixteen days of extreme bloom — on Feb. 20, 2022 the 24th Olympic Winter Games ended in Beijing. This global ice and snow event has made China the focus of the world’s attention, and has also stimulated people’s enthusiasm for ice and snow. This is the first time China has hosted the Olympic Winter Games, and it is also the third Olympic Games hosted by China.

  The modern Olympics have a boosting effect on a country’s economic impact because the holding of the Olympic Games has raised international attention to a certain extent, brought hotspots, promoted the development of various industries and increased the national consumption in the field of sports and health.

  Tianyu Yao from Loughborough University was able  to have the right to visit the opening ceremony and some competitions. Yao said that the Beijing Winter Olympics were held in his hometown, and it is very incredible to have had the opportunity to watch the games in person.


  Translation: “Before the Beijing Winter Olympics, ice and snow sports were not very popular in China, and many ice and snow sports did not even know the rules,” Yao said. “Through the holding of the Beijing Winter Olympics, I learned more about many ice and snow sports, and I can enjoy more while watching the game.”

  The Beijing Olympic Winter Games were  based on the theme of “Technology Winter Olympics, Green Winter Olympics” and paid great attention to environmentally friendly and global policies of energy conservation and emission reduction.


  Translation: “It is not difficult to see from the opening ceremony that this Olympic Winter Games is very green, with 90% fewer fireworks than in 2008,” Yao said. “Beijing Olympic Winter Games has made extensive use of the original venues and transformed them into new venues that meet Winter Olympic standards, reducing the use of building materials. Many of the vehicles operated by the Olympic Winter Games are pure electric vehicles, which reduces exhaust emissions.”

  The Science and Technology Winter Olympics also left a deep impression on Yao. He said he is most interested in high-speed cameras in various competition venues. These high-speed cameras can provide better visual effects for the live and the audience watching the broadcast.

  Yexin Cheng is a senior from Beijing Foreign Studies University. Although she did not get an invitation letter to participate in the opening ceremony and competition events, she said she was very interested in various news of the Olympic Winter Games. She said she believes that the high attention and enthusiasm of the whole people are the biggest features of this Olympic Winter Games.


  Translation: “At work, interviewing Olympic Winter Games staff, editing reports based on news; in life, the Olympic Winter Games provides me with a lot of fun, watching games and buying mascots,” Cheng said.

  Although the Olympic Winter Games came to a successful conclusion, those who worked hard for this international event should not be forgotten. Liwen Xia is a partner of Beijing Wanen Technology Co., Ltd., which is a company that produces daily cleaning products, and its main customers are hotel groups and private enterprises. During the Beijing Olympic Winter Games, Wanen Technology Co., Ltd. indirectly supported this international event.

  “本届冬奥会比较特殊,因为有COVID-19疫情,”夏说。 “按照政策以及保障工作人员健康,我们要求所有员工接种疫苗。另外,按规定每7天进行一次核酸检测。”

  Translation: “This Olympic Winter Games has become special because of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Xia said. “In accordance with the policy and to protect the health of the staff, all employees are required to be vaccinated. In addition, nucleic acid testing is required every seven days as required.”

  Xia said the biggest challenge was the overlapping dates of the Spring Festival and the Winter Olympics, which put double pressure on them. Some clients need to host a large number of guests during Chinese New Year, and some clients need to host Winter Olympic staff. This has led to a surge in demand for most products. 


  Translate: “But we overcame this challenge,” Xia said.

  The Beijing Olympic Winter Games closed under fireworks with the words “One Family,” which means that at least during this time, everyone hopes that no matter who they are, no matter what country or region they are from, everyone can uphold the Olympic motto “Faster, Higher, Stronger — Together.” The positive attitude brought about by the Olympic Winter Games will affect everyone.

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