Music on Repeat: ‘GLOW ON’ by Turnstile (2021)


Photo by Press Release

Written by Dillon Seckington, Reporter

  The Baltimore hard rock group, Turnstile, delivered their third album in five years on Aug. 27, 2021. The title “GLOW ON” is fitting, as this record is vibrant and fluid compared to the band’s last two projects. That being said, the band does remain true to their punk/hard rock sound. Some of the most invigorating moments on the record are induced by heavy — yet pleasant — guitar riffs from Pat McCrory and Brady Elbert. While the record is not out of place in Turnstile’s discography, it features more experimentation and genre-melding tunes than listeners have previously experienced from the band. Tracks such as “ALIEN LOVE CALL” featuring Blood Orange incorporates daydreamy guitar effects and Blood Orange’s trademark vocal production. The band more thoroughly executes on ideas from their last album, “Time & Space,” while also expanding their sound by toying with aspects from various genres.

Rating: 8