UCM Board of Governors Approves $3.8 Million Terminal


Photo by Press Release

Skyhaven Airport is an educational and community-use facility for the Warrensburg area.

Written by Trevor Martin, Reporter

  UCM’s long-awaited vision to operate a state-of-the-art flight center is finally beginning.

  The UCM Board of Governors reviewed a design contract with McCownGordon out of Kansas City on Oct. 22, 2020. It was determined that the new terminal building at Max B. Swisher Skyhaven Airport would cost nearly $3.8 million and take 465 days to complete.

  “The new terminal building will be located at the northeast corner of the Max B. Swisher Airport and be constructed so that most of its interior would be left unfinished to help support the versatility and constant growth of the UCM aviation programs,” Tim Castilaw, UCM vice president of planning and facilities management, said. 

  The building would include a pilot lounge area, dispatch rooms, as well as updated classrooms and restrooms. 

  The new addition to the airport shall accommodate both communal and campus training needs.

  Matthew Furedy, chair of the school of aviation, confirmed the terminal is being funded by donations from the UCM Alumni Foundation and the State of Missouri.

  Furedy noted the new terminal building will enhance the airport by attracting more students and faculty, as well as provide space for flight instructors to brief and debrief their students and house Fixed Based Operation and its services.

  “The addition will maintain the program’s competition in the collegiate flight training industry while drastically improving the flight training and operations at Skyhaven,” Furedy said.

  Allison Zahner, an instrument-rated second-year flight student and Skyhaven employee, echoed Furedy’s point about the project being a draw for new students. She said she was excited about the new addition.

  “I think the new building will help attract more travelers, leading to a busier airport all around,” Zahner said.

  She elaborated on the importance of privacy during flight training and how the new terminal will help students be able to communicate and test with more privacy in the new addition.

  “It’ll give us easy access to and provide us with more areas with comfortable environments and privacy for our stage checks and flight exams,” she said.