Todd Dining Hall is Open Once Again


Photo by Mallie Crutchfield

Freshman sports management major Jackson Lunders eats lunch at the newly renovated Todd Dining Hall with friends. “I didn’t get to see the last one, but it looks really nice,” Lunders said.

Written by Mallie Crutchfield, Reporter

  After closing in spring 2021 to undergo renovations, Todd Dining Hall has reopened. The renovations made many changes, from self-serve stations to new food choices and a modernized look.

  Jeri Braun, senior supervisor of Ellis and Todd Dining Hall, said the staff is proud of the work that was done and are excited to be back in the dining hall. 

  Braun said the new addition was taking out a wall by the old pizza area and adding a deli. Additionally, the old deli area is now a pantry place with new tables that have electrical outlets. The lighting is also new, and more efficient windows were installed

  “I think it’s gorgeous,” Braun said. “Everything about it looks cleaner and neater. Hopefully, we could do renovations to Ellis in a couple of years.”

  While Todd was closed, students had the choice of going to Ellis or Fitzgerald dining halls instead. Lorie Wright, manager of Ellis and Todd halls, said Fitzgerald Hall food choices were limited because they didn’t have a grill or the pasta station. Now that Todd has opened back up, the students have the grill and pasta station again.

  “It’s just the most modern right now, it’s more open, it’s more accessible,” Wright said. “To me, it’s brighter, happier, it’s a better vibe.”

  While many are happy with the renovations, some miss the previous layout. Sydney Armstrong, sophomore medical laboratory science major, said she liked Todd before renovations. 

  “I liked it before because I felt that the food was cooked to order and now everything is staged,” Armstrong said.

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  • The renovation of Todd Dining Hall added new wallpaper, energy-efficient windows, new flooring, new tables and chairs and new lighting.

  • The Pizza and Pasta have an updated countertop. This area is soon to open up as the construction is finishing up. The Deli location is now put in the corner of the hall where the old wall used to be.

  • The Grill location has been moved one location to the right whereas The Entrees is now in place of the old grill.

  • This is the new pantry location in Todd Dining Hall. The deli used to be back here but now it is filled with cereal, deserts and the new addition of the waffle maker.