Greek Week 2021 Continues Despite Pandemic

Written by Nick Distefano, Reporter

  Since 1915, fraternity and sorority life have been a part of the University of Central Missouri. Over the years, fraternity and sorority life have hosted Greek Week, which is usually in the spring. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic last year, Greek Week was canceled, but finally, UCM fraternity and sorority life were able to host the event in a safe and responsible manner. The Greek Week events took place on March 8, 9, and 10, followed by the awards ceremony on March 29. 

  Greek Week comprises three main events Lip Sync, Trivia Night and Step Show, which are organized by tri-chairs. Tri chairs are leaders of the Greek community who are in charge of planning and coordinating the events with the Greek life advisors. 

  Every year, there is a different theme, and for 2021 the theme was Disney because of its popularity and its simplicity. 

  Junior criminal justice major Thomas Naughton was involved with Greek Week because he’s a member of Alpha Tau Omega. 

  “I think bringing all the fraternities together, even in, like, competition, is a great experience for all of Greek life because it gets everybody to know each other,” Naughton said.

“We are not just sitting in our own circles.”   In regards to COVID-19 precautions, the members of Greek life enforced attendance protocols, and were especially aware of how the event could make an impact on team members participating and the UCM community.

  Bailey Schaefermeier is a senior nursing major who is a tri-chair involved in Greek Week. 

  Schaefermeier said there are COVID-19 committees for each chapter to ensure rules are followed.

  “Each chapter assigns two people to help enforce mask wearing, and we provide a certain amount of tickets; so people not just from Greek life but everyone are welcome,” Schaefermeier said. “However, we are limited in space due to COVID.” 

  Ultimately, Greek Week is a competition. There are points awarded to every team based on participation, and there are winners for each of the three events.

  Kendra Dankenbring, a communication studies major, who is also a tri-chair involved in Greek Week, explained point distribution. 

  “We will allot 25 points for participation that will go towards their Greek Week team total, and then first place will get 100 points, second place 75 and third place 50,” Dankenbring said.

  The points are calculated at the end of the week to determine the winner, but there isn’t a physical prize.

  “You will not win a prize, but you will earn bragging rights within the Greek community,” Dankenbring said.

  This year’s winners for leaders of the year were Zac Racy of Sigma Tau Gamma and Chloe Valleroy of Gamma Phi Beta. The overall winners of Greek Week were Team 6, which included Alpha Sigma Alpha, Alpha Kappa Lambda and Farmhouse. They will have bragging rights until Greek Week next year in the spring of 2022.