Jennies Placed 11th in National Volleyball Rankings


Photo by Meah Copeland

The Jennnies were placed 11th in the preason poll by the American Volleyball Coaches Association. Senior Setter Alley Offerdahl said, “I wish that we were ranked harder, but it motivates us to work harder. I want to be in the top 10. We are working hard this spring trying to get up there.”

Written by Meah Copeland, Sports Editor

  Each year the American Volleyball Coaches Association conducts a poll before the season starts, and the University of Central Missouri Jennies placed 11th in the polls. This poll is the ranking of the top 25 volleyball teams in the Division II from all over the country.  

  Despite the high ranking, head coach Flip Piontek does not put too much stock into the poll. 

  “The rankings mean nothing because the polls are a reflection of what happened in 2019, and the polls are a reflection of the past,” head coach Flip Piontek said. “Nothing indicates what will happen in the future. It is a reflection of the success that the team had last year.”   

   Last season was cancelled due to the pandemic, but the team wants to improve for next season. Last year the team had a record of 23-10.

   “There are other teams that we competed with who got ranked higher than us,” sophomore defensive specialist Jackie Storm said. “Overall it is a good place to be at and something that we should be proud of.”

  Although the team ranked well, the coach and players said they hope to improve. 

  “We always want to be number one,” senior outside hitter Abree Bell said. 

    Bell is excited about the opportunity the team has this spring to play with one another and other teams. 

   “Even though there won’t be any championship game this year, it is nice to play with other teams,” Bell said.