MIAA Updates Fall Sports Plans

Written by Meah Copeland, Reporter

 With the fall sports season moving to next spring, volleyball, golf, football and cross country have started practicing to prepare. The MIAA CEO Council met on Sept. 30 to discuss plans for the upcoming season. The council is responsible for setting policies, making schedules for the athletic conferences, establishing athlete eligibility and planning for the future. 

  Football will not have a formal schedule for the 2020 season and cross country will not have a champion crowned.The football programs are allowed to have four joint practices, scrimmages or games with outside competition. As a result, a few MIAA schools have decided to follow limited independent schedules for the fall season. These include non-conference contests, as NCAA regulations permitted, and it will not go against the four permitted activities.

  The association’s Athletics Administrators Committee is considering having a formal  schedule for the spring season for volleyball and women’s soccer. It all depends if the teams can stay healthy.