UCM Students Make Voting Plans

Written by Madison Preston, Reporter

Photo by Madison Preston

As the election nears, Americans are making plans to participate in the 2020 Presidential election.

  This includes students at the University of Central Missouri.

  Students who plan to participate have had to decide how they will vote absentee ballot, driving back to their hometown to vote in person, vote in person in Warrensburg or to not vote at all.

  “I have never really voted, but my parents want me to, so I might just do the absentee and submit that,” Whitney Jones, a senior adapted physical education student said. “I feel like my parents are just really pushing me to vote this year because of all of the stuff that has been going on.”

Photo by Madison Preston

 Some are registered to vote in their home state and will have to use an absentee ballot to vote.

  “I’m registered to vote in Ohio, so I won’t be able to vote in person. I’m going to vote with an absentee ballot,” recent airport management graduate Benjamin Kirtley, said.

  Others intend to vote in person.

  “I plan to go vote for the people that I decide will do the best for our country,” Alex Springer, a freshman cybersecurity major said. “I understand the fact that if you aren’t willing to go out and vote, you can’t really complain about the results,” he said.

Photo by Madison Preston